Kathyjo Varco, Composer / Producer- ASCAP

I grew up on the South Side of Chicago. Guess you could say I'm a music dork at heart. As a kid I used to study chord progressions and song lyrics for fun. Couldn't understand why my friends didn't think it was as interesting. Hmm... Vocally my influences are a mixed bag of genres rannging from Anita Baker, Kate Bush, to Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington, Annie Lennox and Roberta Flack. As far as bands go, my sister's made sure I had a healthy mix of Queen, Ohio Players and Bootsy and the Funkadelics while my dad brought in the blues with Wilson Pickett and B.B. King and my mom brought Jazz with Dinah Washington, Ella, Nancy Wilson, etc. I rounded out the mix with Garbage, Hole, Cold Play and Peter Gariel to name only a few.

So yeah, music is my thing. I've been writing songs all my life and, little by little, headway is always underway. Don't ever give up right? After graduating from U of I with a BA in Graphic Design, I went on the road singing and playing percussion with the band Dhamba8. Had an incredibly good time for a long time, opened for some big acts, played around Mardi Gras in 'Nawlins, slept on floors, welcomed in by strangers...and then, after all that fun, I got tired of being poor lol. I LOVE performing and singing for sure. It's how I'm made!!! However, in truth, I always write for someone else to sing the songs I write. I like demoing them with hopes of attracting producers looking for material. Ahem... Ryan Tedder, Peter Gabriel, Lady Gaga...

Somehow I found my way into the world of voice over acting. With help from some very excellent people, I landed spots for national/regional brands on radio and TV. I'm now with NV Talent here in Chicago, a fine team of lovely people whom I truly adore.

As luck would have it, after an array of whimsical employment seeking mishaps, I happened upon a gig downtown at a marketing agency (UPSHOT). Learned a lot from some of the best in the biz. Quite an imaginative, talented, and smart group of folks. While there, my husband and I formed Big Sound Music, Inc. It took a while but once we recieved our first ASCAP royalty check for $35, I was convinced this thing was gonna work!!!

I left my job behind to stirke out on my own as a free-lance graphic designer/composer/song writer/VO artist from home, which is nothing short of blessings upon blessings. Not always easy, and sometimes scary, but the thrill of the game is worth it. One of my favorte things to stumble upon is the ability to collaborate with other artists across the US and abroad. Different genres are always welcome to energize, challenge and sometimes transport creativity.

Currently, just finished my first music video called Yes, hoping a deal we're involved in pans out, working on a new tune, praying for mankind...and repeat. Keep your head up people.




Music is a gift, sometimes a curse but always thrilling.





Haunting Taunts
Besame Mucho
Sultry Quartet
Bring The Water
Trailer Promo






Cheers To Finding Our Way Through The Crazy.